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Bradford Interchange not Forster Square

Bradford Interchange
Bradford Interchange


What’s my question? Well why can I not book direct from Skipton to Bradford Interchange? Please. But sir why would you want to’, for it’s better to travel from Skipton to Bradford via Forster Square railway station. Yes I know that it might be quicker, but I need to go to Bradford Interchange not Bradford Forster Square. I certainly do not wish to go to Forster Square then walk across Bradford city centre carrying this paraphernalia to the Interchange station as was suggested by a someone in the ticket office.

Please Northern Rail amend your ticket machines so as to allow a railway ticket to be issued from Skipton to Bradford Interchange. For it is Bradford Interchange I want to travel to, via Leeds station. For at Leeds I intend to meet up with a good friend who is traveling up from Doncaster. We will meet on the platform concourse at Leeds and then travel onwards using your train service to Bradford Interchange station. But I am told that the ticket machine in the booking office is unable to provide me with a ticket from Skipton to Bradford Interchange, as a Red Cross appears on the computer screen against said station, when trying to book this particular route.

In the end I had to get a day return from Skipton to Leeds station, then when I arrived at Leeds station I attended the ticket office on the station concourse and booked a day return from Leeds railway station to my chosen station at Bradford. So that when I and my friend finally arrived at the station we wanted, we could walk down hill into Bradford city centre. There we enjoyed visits to two cafe’s, including one in Waterstones book shop. We did however return to Leeds via Foster Square! Why because the train carriage seats on this route it turns out offer more room to sit in comfort. The day turned out well in the end.

Foot Note [ The above was a test to see if I could get the Internet Traffic Light [ SEO ] to go green!!! It did! ]

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