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He was skulking in the shadows of the market. The dean of Manchester Cathedral out shopping had stopped to talk with Hannah asking after Pete's widow. As cadet Johnson turned to leave, she smelt rather than saw Hutch, this time she would have…

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Thought for Mothers Day

Metal before medicine, Medals before healing, Money for ammunition, But not for Peace.   Guns before help, Tanks before aid, Fighters before spades, But not before Peace.   Starvation before food, Anger before love, Terror before calmness, But not before me.

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It's Mother's Day, I am sat in my favourite cafe, it's very busy, staff are earning their wages. Robbies quite restless. And I am remembering family days past, it's good to have good memories to balance the sad ones. Time…

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Busy Bees

Busy bees in such a hurry, going where, coming from where. All sort of shapes and colours, some moving slowly, some moving fast. Leaving trails of turbulence and poison. Love them or hate them, and I love and hate them…

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Stefan leaned back and watched the visitors leaving the ships as he had done for many years. Those leaving the Queen, if they saw him at all, just saw an old sailor, resting against a dockyard bollard. Occasionally in fact…

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Farmer John

Farmer John asked did I see him take a tumble yesterday, no says I, but I seen your twins and they are complaining about the weather, as it's to cold for them. To true says he it's too cold for…

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