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Cafe crawl in June

Skipton in June
Skipton in June

It was great to have an afternoon out in Skipton with my good friend Stuart, even if the weather was typically June in England. Cloudy, cool and threatening, rain that is.  We went on our usual walkabout, which included visiting three different tea shops. In this case first to Coopers, then to Filmore and Union, great coffee, and lastly but not least to a bakery and cafe known as Walkers. Followed up by a supper at my house, baked potatoes, pea’s and a home made bacon and cheese quiche. I should be on a diet tomorrow, but some of the family are coming for lunch. As those of you who know me, will realise: it’s fortunate that I am fond of food.

Now to other news, as well as posting a new short story called Five Dog Tails, along with a piece of Flash Fiction called McDermot for the Friday Fictioneers site, plus this blog. I have been busy writing up slightly longer stories on my second website at, A site which will in time contain sections from my first three unpublished novels, along with two compilations of medium length stories which I am slowly putting together. There is also a selection of material from my Moleskine Books, under the title of The Black Book. 

Lastly on a more frustrating note, my Sony laptop, which is just over three years old. And which I have been very pleased with: was through a fault of my own making, updated to Windows Ten. I have not been able to use it since, as nothing seems to work correctly, I think the update from Windows seven to Windows ten was corrupted or developed a fault. I have tried several things to put it right, but to no avail. I do miss having two screens open. One of which I use for online research as I write, and the second screen which I use to record and edit my writing, and finally post the resulting material or should that be scribblings.

Footnote: I have just taken Robbie for a walk. The night sky was cloud free, there is a bright almost full moon, the air was cool and fresh. And silence reigned. How fortunate am I compared to some people in this world.

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