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The Daughters of Zeus

A writer all at sea
Zeus. A writer all at sea, where will he go next. 

At present I seem to be having a little help from the daughters of Zeus, for stories are flowing quickly from my quill. However one or two have been a little darker than is usual for my quill. Only time will show if the spread of my writing genre is widening. We go where we go, or perhaps in my case where the muse takes me. I hope these potentially darker stories do not offend, they are not meant to, but if a story flows from my quill I nearly always feel that it should be posted. As long as it is not total rubbish. Total rubbish usually goes in the waste paper bin.

I am now writing up a short story collection from one of my black books  [Moleskine] and posting these on my other web site. There is a link from the home page on this site to my new web site which is for longer fictional stories. If you wish to access this second web site, go to the slightly darker blue link near the bottom of my home page, which will give you a direct link to my site which is titled Fantasy and Colour. Or google and check out Fantasy and Colour. The daughters of Zeus will not feature there, as all the stories which includes sections from my two novel where completed several years back.

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