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Writing and Photography

I have never found photography an easy art to understand, so getting the right photo for that I want rarely happens. Intending to write a short piece about a journey made a few years back, I attempted to obtain a photo to illustrate the article.…

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The Gully

The weed choked stairs led down into a gully, the banks of which were built up with rough ironstone walls, between which the rust coloured river Irwell flowed. Broken slabs of ironstone littered the floor of the river. Jack hurried down the steps…

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A walk in Skipton Woods

It’s a fine morning for a walk if a little muddy underfoot, so we head for Skipton Woods, our path crosses over an old incline railway which connected with the Thanet’s canal. Following a well-worn route past several steep slopes, nearby the recently expelled…

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Such a different night

As dusk fell I watched a heron silently gliding to a small stream, a somewhat ghostly image almost prehistoric. Its almost a clear  cloud free sky, with stars shining through the dark silhouettes of the trees on my route. The cold clear air…

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Fahrenheit 32

Tonight my late night walk with Robbie has reminded me that the Craven Dales are sometimes at their best when the wind is in the east and the cold bites at you. This is a night when silence and solitude…

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