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Early and Sad

Tram Rochdale Bombardier
Tram halt at Rochdale railway station






I am on a day trip to Arcadia at Shaw and Crompton using mainly the railway network. No bus to Skipton before 9-15 am so I drove to Skipton railway station. Here I boarded a Pacer Unit on route from Appleby to Leeds, Rod had boarded this unit three stops before. Arriving at Leeds, Rod and I switched to a Class 158 heading for Manchester, we left this train at Rochdale. I still recall Rochdale as a lively and thriving place from my courting days.

Outside Rochdale railway station we boarded a Bombardier M5000 tram and quickly completed our journey to Shaw and Crompton. A brief walk brought us to the Arcadia model shop. Shopping completed we retreated to the Shay Wake for lunch, before retracing our journey homewards.

All trams and train ran promptly and connected well. It is however just a shame to see such large areas of neglect along our route from Leeds station to Rochdale station. I believe that major investment is needed to kick start the regeneration of this region. This investment will need a strong individual with a desire to see these areas regenerated with creativity.

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